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Where's the Path?

April 29, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

A Useful site

For those interested in mapping, Tony has drawn my attention to a very useful site - "Where's the path".


It is one of the new applications that private individuals are starting to develop now that the OS has loosened its grip on the reuse of OS mapping data.  This is the site where those of a technical bent can develop such new applications:

Within it there is a small gallery of these applications, including "Where's the path".

On entering "Where's the path" one finds the screen split into two; the left hand side displaying a section of OS 1:50,000 scale mapping; the right hand side an aerial view of the same location.    One can find a new location by using the search button on the top left of the OS map, and zoom in or out, or just by dragging the map around.  The other panel will follow where your cursor goes on the OS map.  

There are numerous options you can call up for display in the right hand panel, notably OS maps from the 1930s or 1940s, which are interesting if you want to see what has changed over the years.  

You can also plot a route on the OS map, get its length and profile, print it off and even upload it to a GPS as a GPX file, so that you can follow the route when checking it out on the ground.  If you want to see the OS 1:25000 mapping for your area of interest, the site includes a link to streetmap.co.uk. 

Have a look and a play!

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