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Website gone public

August 25, 2009, prb, Comments: 1

We are now up and running

The WW website is what you see before you, and has now gone public.  I hope it tells it like it is.  

I hope too that there are not too many typos, formatting glitches and other errors.  Having said that, I notice that the quote of the day boxes have a habit of duplicating or triplicating themselves.  Why, I know not.   I will try and reinstall them in due course.  

In the meantime let me invite all members, not excluding those of a Luddite tendency, to let us have your ideas, and your suggestions for improvements to the site.  Can anyone come up with ideas for further relevant content?   All comments please through the email address on the "Contact Us" page of the site.

Comments: 1

Tricia Bisley
August 25, 2009

Well done Peter! You have obviously been working very hard and have produced an interesting website. Now that we have gone public we may attract a few new people too. Many thanks to you.

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