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October 07, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

When I was setting this website up I realised that for it to become recognised by Google it would help to have other sites linking to it.  The first such site whose webmaster I approached was walkingindevon.co.uk.  He, John Harris, very kindly agreed to link us in, and very soon we started getting hits through that site, and we started to show up in Google searches..

He has now written asking me to publicise his site Walking in England, which is the parent site of Walking in Devon.  A link to Walking in Devon is already given on the "Devon Walking Sites" tab under the "Useful Links" tab.   In the light of the help he has given me in getting the WW site established, I am now adding a link to Walking in England under the "General Walking and Mapping Sites" tab.

I give below the text of a short article he has written to explain what his sites offer.

New website for Walkers

Walking in England www.walkinginengland.co.uk has thousands of walks to download and print FREE!

I am a keen walker and found that, although there is a load of information about walking in the internet, it was often hidden away and difficult to find.  So www.walkinginengland.co.uk came into being.

www.walkinginengland.co.uk gives you, county by county, all the information you need for the best walking in the Country.

Details of

·         thousands of walks to download and print free,

·         all the walking groups in the country, maps and  walk books

·         plus loads more information.

So check out the website and find some new walks!

John Harris


I would commend this website to anyone looking for a new walk, whether one to include in our forthcoming programmes, or one to try while on holiday elsewhere in the UK.  It's well worth a look.

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