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Starcross-Kenton-Black Forest

October 17, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

We assembled by Starcross station and Brunel's Atmospheric Engine housing, looking forward to a lovely walk in brilliant late autumn sunshine.  We were pleased to welcome three prospective members and one or two members returning after a while doing other things.

We set off in the Exeter direction, and soon left the main road for the lane leading to one of the entrances to Powderham Castle's deer park.  We struck off onto the drive through the park, pausing from time to time to admire the mature trees .........

.......and the occasional deer not frightened off by our approach.   Having crossed the park we came upon the Estate's shop, pausing briefly there.  

Soon we continued on our way, crossing over the main road opposite the Estate's entrance, and then heading away up a side road.   After a short distance skirting Kenton's housing, we reached open countryside. 

Gradually climbing, we walked generally westward on a mix of lanes, paths and tracks, until we  came to Black Forest Lodge and shortly thereafter, Black Forest itself.   This led to some weak jokes about not expecting to be visiting Germany this weekend.  Although some groaned nobody suffered too much.  

The track through the wood meandered gently, and although we moved along it a  reasonable pace, some managed to harvest a small collection of fallen sweet chestnuts without falling behind.  Emerging onto a lane on the western side of the wood, ..........

.........we headed southwards, noting the views to the Exe Estuary....... 

.........and the surroundings of the lane leading .......

..........to Home Farm,......... 

.........where we admired the lovely form of Home Farm Cottages and the features of the old barn opposite.   

This point, by the foot of Mamhead Park, marked the walk's turning point and we started on our return leg, heading eastwards on paths and tracks across fairly open and gently sloping terrain, and managing to avoid any lane walking until we came within a mile of Starcross.  This stretch of the walk was punctuated with openings in the flanking hedgerows giving fine views of Starcross and the Exe.

We returned via the southern side of Starcross and meandered through the back lanes to return to the cars.  In doing so, we discovered that there was a significant depth of development in the village behind the main road, which previously was all of Starcross most of us had come across.  Before ending his own walk your webmeister decided to take advantage of the fine sun and take a shot of the Exe from the footbridge over the railway. 


Our thanks go to Sara-Jane and Tony for this walk.   It extended to 8 miles in all.  The track has been uploaded to GPSies and can be viewed at   

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