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Newton Poppleford-Muttersmoor

January 11, 2010, prb, Comments: 1

Frosty start to 2010

The Spring 2010 walk programme kicked off with a few desperate souls braving the cold, snow and ice for a bracing walk starting at Newton Poppleford.  Those attending were not deterred by the icy conditions, but some were using two sticks and even crampons!  Even so, several inadvertent encounters with the ground occurred - testament to the (temporary) toughness of the terrain.  Others ended up with aching necks through looking down to the ground underfoot to avoid as many pitfalls as possible.

Starting from Otter Reach in Newton Popp, we took some of the back paths on the southern perimeter of the village before coming out into fields alongside the Otter, heading southwards. At Dotton Farm we took the footbridge across the icy river,....

....and crossed the flood plain on its east side to join the Northmostown road.  Coninuing south again to Passaford we then started a strenuous climb of some 175m up the steep side of the Muttersmoor plateau.  Any cold we were feeling beforehand evaporated in the face of the exertions this climb entailed.

Our eventual route headed north from the point where we reached the top, where the bracing northern wind really hit home.  First, though, we took in a short detour to the southeast for the fine (and new to several of us) view to the south from the plateau edge across the coastal farmland towards High Peak, Peak Hill, Ladram Bay and Sidmouth - all looking unusually wintry.

Retracing our steps we then headed northwards along the western edge of the moor, alongside Otterton Hill Plantation to the foot of Bulverton Hill and Keeble's seat.  Here we started our descent, eventually joining the A3052 opposite Four Elms Fruit Farm.  We crossed the road, which fortunately was less busy than usual, to the wide verge opposite, and down Four Elms Hill until we met the footpath spurring off to the north.  This took us along the western edge of Harpford Wood, and shortly we emerged in Harpford village.

Having gone through the village, safely despite the icy roads, we left it, heading west to the river. 

Across the river again, and we turned south to pass alongside Newton Poppleford's sports facilities, very soon emerging onto the A3052. Another quick crossing, and we were done, a strenuous and satisfying 6.5 miles on a winter's afternoon.  We all felt a whole lot better for the exercise, and were glad we had made the effort.  Our thanks go to Phil and Vanessa, who never fail to lead us to parts of our local hinterland rarely visited.

The route taken has been uploaded to GPSies.com

Comments: 1

Jude mackenzie
April 18, 2012

Am researching a walk for our little group and have come across your blog. Excellent pictures-thank you! Regards, Jude

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