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December 09, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

Three new sites have recently come to the attention of  your humble webmeister.  Those of you with an interest in mapping and GPS use who have not already come across them may wish to be aware.

Firstly the good old Ordnance Survey has set up two new offerings.  The first, OS Explore, allows users to plot a route and upload it to the site. Alternatively users can search the site for routes submitted by others to download.  At present the library is fairly small but is growing rapidly.


The second is Anquet Maps, one of the companies offering digital mapping for PC use, like Tracklogs or Memorymap.  However their site has a section similar to that of OSExplore, described above, again with a library of routes to download. 


The third is the OS again, this time OS Openspace.
This introduces an API from which those into quite complex coding can develop web-based map applications using OS mapping.  Few will attempt this, but on the gallery section of the OS site there are already a number of examples of other (non-commercial) sites using this tool to display  OS mapping in innovative ways.

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