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Mince Pie Walk

December 21, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

Frosty 2009 Xmas Stroll

The recent prolonged spell of very wet weather having given way to a Europe-wide pronounced cold snap, we were at least able to get out.   However the rain shower we had overnight had frozen immediately on contact with the ground and made walking and driving hazardous on untreated hard surfaces. 

After struggling on the icy pavements as we walked down from Ottery St Mary's main car park to the Tumbling Weir,.....

..........it was decided to get onto grass as soon as possible.

This led us to take a walk along the River Otter down towards Tipton St John and back. 


Since we had mince pies to devour later we decided to make it fairly short.  However the flat river flood plain was very attractive in the winter sun and walking on the grass was much safer than walking on the pavements in the town.

Even though in all the walk amounted to only 3.5 miles, lifted by the sun and the opportunity to catch up with friends, the afternoon was enjoyed by all.  Thanks go to Tomi for her leadership and her hospitality afterwards.   

A track of the route taken has been uploaded to GPSies.

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