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Bowerman's Nose and Hound Tor

August 31, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

7.5 mile walk

This walk was notable for the surprise and welcome return of a jet-lagged, but fit and happy-looking couple two days after the end of their Canadian honeymoon. 

The walk was also notable for our first guest dog for a long time, black labradoodle (Yes, that's right!) Katie. 

The weather was typical for the moor, damp, occasionally drizzly, and misty on higher ground.  The walk was neverthless enjoyed by all, especially Katie who covered about 5 times the distance the rest of us managed.  She also managed (almost) to mate with one of two other labradoodles encountered at Hound Tor.  Fortunately her suitor had had the operation.

We covered a variety of terrain - farmland, open moor, tracks, villages, bracken, and explored the typically Dartmoor features of Bowerman's Nose, Hound Tor and Manaton Rocks.

The advance party searches for Hound Tor

........and this is what they found......

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