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Haldon Forest Park

June 01, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

Forest, butterflies and Belvedere

Haldon Hill has in the last few years been developed by the Forestry Commission to offer a range of facilities for recreation, including by foot, bike and horseback, as well as the Tarzan area for those wishing to live dangerously.  

First the group  followed the Play trail with many of the younger at heart members enjoying the various woodland activities and watching the more adventurous participants swinging through the trees above.  The group  followed this with the butterfly trail, where several different species were spotted. 

 There were fewer  families and people in this area. 

A picnic lunch followed, the group sitting at tables in the "bird of prey" area - no birds but excellent views.  

In the afternoon the Tree Trail was completed and, to finish the day's activities,  the group  climbed up Belvedere Tower....... 
.....to enjoy the  wonderful views to the estuary, Dartmoor, and Exmoor .........

...........offered from the top.

In total the walk covered about 7 miles.  Thanks go to Ron as leader, and to Tomi for the report and photos. 

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