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Harpford Common and Core Hill

June 04, 2010, prb, Comments: 1

Fine weather, fine views

For the second of the group's programme of summer evening walks, we met at the Bowd Inn, on the outskirts of Sidmouth, at 7pm on a fine Wednesday evening.  When all had assembled, and we had welcomed the two prospective members, Margaret and Tricia, we set off, leaving the pub car park for the lane behind the pub. 

This took us eastwards past the large property Salt Winds, across buttercup-laden fields and then to the surfaced Core Hill lane.  Turning uphill here we climbed upwards towards the Harpford Common plateau.  Before reaching it we instead headed off  eastwards to join the quiet lane leading up from the west side of Sidford, admiring as we climbed the views to the south and east,........

..........and we followed this route to Hollow Head Cross.  Here we turned south through the trees down the top end of Core Hill lane before then heading west, only now to make for the  open grassy Harpford Common.  

Taking time to savour the beautiful views from the plateau ......

.........- aren't we lucky to live where we do! - we skirted the plateau close to the edge of the scarp  before dropping down on a zig-zag course to a lower level and a lane that runs towards Ottery part- way up the west slope of East Hill.

We turned north on this lane but only for a few yards.  Here, but only after pausing to admire the late sun's deeply cast shadows across the sloping fields below the lane, ............

we walked down across them, coming out at the bottom onto the Bowd-Tipton road by Harpford Wood.

Here, apart from the webmeister, the group crossed into Harpford Wood, following a route that curved round generally west and southwards to emerge back on the road just north of the barn conversion complex opposite the Bowd.  In the meantime the webmeister hobbled back along the shorter but less pleasant route along the road to the pub, nursing a blistered heel.  I thought I had broken these new boots in - not so!

The evening was rounded off with a drink in the late evening sun in front of the pub.   Thanks for this walk go to Phil and Vanessa. 

The route clocked just 4 miles, and can be viewed on GPSies.com at this link:



Comments: 1

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