Wayward Wanderers Walking Group

Exmouth to Sandy Bay

July 19, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

A sunny Sunday walk

Having met at The Grove in Exmouth on Sunday 27 June at the unusually early time of 11.30am, the group set off along the promenade towards Sandy Bay.  Since the tide was out it was possible to trudge along the sand at Orcombe Point.   The members of the group ate their packed lunches sitting on a deserted beach........ 

 - the main beach at Sandy Bay was however packed with holidaymakers, as expected.   Some of the group had a dip in the sea before walking back along the cliff path.  Others left early for an appointment with the TV to watch an ultimately disappointing World Cup match.  

Thanks go to Tomi for setting this one up, for providing the text used as the basis for this report, and for the photos.

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