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Coffinswell-Coombe Cellars

July 20, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

Brilliantly sunny & warm afternoon

The Torquay side of the River Teign is not an area often visited by our group.  Perhaps for the novelty, therefore, a sizeable collection of walkers assembled by the Linny Inn in Coffinswell for this walk.   Prospective members Margaret and Mary walked with us again and had joined by the end of the walk, and we were pleased to welcome Tony for the first time.  

Setting off westwards from the pub along the village street, soon we took a footpath to the right, climbing fairly rapidly over some fields.  At the top of this stretch there followed a short length of lane offering occasional views across to the country on the west side of Newton Abbot.  Crossing a slightly busier lane we then started down an enclosed track.  Before long care was needed to avoid the brambles and stinging nettles obstructing our route.  Here some wag suggested our walks should have a sting rating.  Those suffering in their shorts were not amused! 

Before long insult was added to injury.  Our leader Phil, mudmeister of old, had managed to serve up a comparable stretch here.  One felt sorry for those in sandals!   Only Phil would have the sheer ingenuity to find what must be, after the driest  Jan-June period since 1929, the only patch of mud in the county, and the chutzpah not to be lynched for it.   So he is hereby appointed July's stingmeister and mudmeister demon.  Eventually, however,  we emerged from this subterranean hell onto an open field giving our first views of the Teign.

Another short length of road walking followed, but soon we were off onto a field track near Netherton, another short stretch of lane, and then a grassy path that presented the welcome sight of the Coombe Cellars and led all the way down to the water's edge. 

Once at the pub, all obtained a cooling drink, and we had a pleasant half hour or so sitting on one of its outdoor patio areas, right by the water.  On this sunny and clear afternoon the views from here up and down the estuary towards Teignmouth were wonderful.

Soon we were reminded that our return route was rather longer than the outward leg, so we forced ourselves into the walking position ready to set off.  

We retraced our steps for the first stage of the return to Netherton, but then took a detour to introduce  some variation.   The next stage of the return, to Home Farm,  followed our outward route, but then we again detoured, and visited Haccombe House.........

.......and its little church.  

From here we took an estate track that, just after passing this quaint little thatched cottage, ...........

..........bridged over the sunken path where we had earlier encountered the mud and which, climbing slowly, eventually joined Long Lane by The Round House.  

A straight hike for roughly 1 km on this track followed.  After  a short dog-leg crossing of the Penn Inn-St Marychurch road, the walk then followed a downhill route along a quiet single track lane that eventually emerged at the western end of Coffinswell village, and the walk's final stretch back to our cars.  

Our thanks for this walk, and for selecting a fabulous day for it, go to Phil and Vanessa, although given her sandals and the mud she encountered, she would probably not wish to be associated with Phil on this one.  It is good to venture away from our more usual stamping grounds once in a while.   The route clocked in at about 8 miles, give or take, depending on where your car was parked, and the track has been uploaded to GPSies at


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