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October 25, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

This was the first walk to be undertaken after the clocks reverted to GMT.  Although our first taste for 7 months of winter daylight conditions we were fortunate that the afternoon was both sunny and warm - an unseasonal 16-17 degrees in fact, serving as a gentle introduction to the rigours of the next few months.

Starting from the village hall car park in Budleigh, we climbed steadily away from the coast, first along residential streets, but very shortly leaving the town behind. Once we crossed the Knowle road we were in country, passing Shortwood House before skirting Dalditch Farm, and then entering a wooded area signalling heathland fringe and the final climb up to the dam of Squabmoor Reservoir.

This frequently sombre and brooding stretch of water, as in this winter picture...........
.........was today in lighter mood with sunlight dappling its surface. However, due to a camera location malfunction we are unable to bring you a picture of the reservoir as it looked on this occasion.

Picking our way over the occasional fisherman, we skirted the east side of the reservoir and then, at the top end, on the edge of East Budleigh Common, we  turned to the east towards Hayes Wood. 

Having passed along its south side we then turned into a field and then across the much smaller Shortwood Common.

 After that we skirted the listed Tidwell Manor, crossed the Knowle road again, and returned to the outer residential areas of Budleigh.

This was a shortish walk completed at a steady pace and gave those of us lacking an athlete's level of fitness a gentle aerobic work-out.  

Some also took opportunistic advantage of a convenient rope swing we passed by to relive episodes from their youth.  All very enjoyable. Our thanks go to Sara-Jane & Tony.

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