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October 12, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

Breezy, and then damp

The previous day the Met Office promised fine weather for the Sunday.  In the morning they had shaded that forecast to include a rain risk over North Devon and Cornwall.  Nevertheless we concluded it was still a good bet to drive the 50 miles or so to Beesands for the start of the walk.  Alas, the oncoming cars on the A38 with headlights full-on suggested things might not be quite as expected, and so it turned out.

At the start of the walk, on the front at Beesands, by the Cricket Inn, it was cool and blowy, and partly overcast.  On setting off southwards on the coast path these were the views to the north ....

.....and to the south, toward Start Point (its lighthouse can just be seen).

The overhanging cloud cover was not promising....

Shorlty after this picture was taken the drizzle started, and it continued for long enough to make walking a little less than pleasant. 

Neverthless the trip was a chance to view the devastation that overtook the cliffside fishing village of Hallsands in 1917 when a severe storm destoyed all but two of the cottages within it.   What is particularly awe-inspiring is just why a community should have developed in such a difficult spot in the first place.  The recently-built viewing platform overhanging the cliff is a worthwhile facility for visitors, as well as an demonstration of just how difficult living on the cliff edge must have been.

From the ruined village our route turned inland, following a series of farmland tracks and footpaths back to the lane approaching Beesands.  

This was a short walk, and on a better day one would have wished to have gone further, but given the weather we encountered most of us were happy with it as it was.  Our thanks go to leaders Tomi & Ron for setting it up for us.   

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