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Axmouth Bridge-Beer

January 24, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

Sunny coastal walk

This walk was a marked change to that of the previous  Sunday, in that it was along the coast rather than inland, and mostly dry underfoot rather than muddy or boggy.  Blest for the second Sunday running with bright sunlight, the group set off by crossing Axmouth Bridge towards the centre of Seaton.  Looking down towards the mouth of the river, we could see a buzz of activity in and around the harbour before we turned seawards to join the promenade.  Here we looped around to the seaward side of the flood protection wall, and swiftly headed west on the level to the far end of Seaton sea front. 

Where the promenade meets the high cliff separating  Seaton and Beer, the path turned inland and up to join one of the roads linking the two coastal settlements.  A short distance on the road followed before we turned off onto grass and upwards for the steep climb along the edge of the cliff towards its highest point.  This was quite a pull!  

We then started the descent to Beer, encountering many steps on the way, and before long Beer's shingle beach hove into view, with its beach huts, fishing boats, and seagulls. 

....Here a lunch break was called.

Some commandeered a sun-trap overlooking the beach at which to eat a packed lunch; others found a nearby cafe for something more substantial.

The return leg followed broadly the same route, .....

.......albeit with a few minor deviations, and from the cliffs offered some splendid views of the coastline to the east .....

Although the majority of the walk was pleasantly secluded and sheltered, on returning to the River Axe, we realised with a start that it was still January and that a northerly wind slamming down an open expanse like that of the river and its floodplain.......

....... was actually quite biting, notwithstanding the idyllic appearance of the scene. 

All in all this was an enjoyable walk, and exhilarating despite being only about 4.4 miles long.  Bright sunlight and a clear atmosphere bring out the best in a place and even the usually rather nondescript and haphazard buildings lining Seaton's sea front almost looked attractive!  Thanks go to Tomi for showing us parts of Seaton and Beer some may not have visited for a while, if at all.

The track has been uploaded to GPSies.com


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