Wayward Wanderers Walking Group

About Us

We are an informal walking group based in and around East Devon and Exeter, UK.  We have been functioning as Wayward Wanderers since 2003, but metamorphosed out of another group which started over 10 years earlier.  We are always pleased to welcome new members.

What We Do

We run a programme of fortnightly walks, mostly on Sunday afternoons, although in the summer months we take advantage of the light evenings to also put on shorter walks on certain midweek evenings.  


In the main the walks we put on are between 5 and 8 miles in length, but in the hilly Devon countryside the exercise value of a walk can be greater than its simple  length may suggest.  Many of our walks are in East Devon, but we often walk in the adjoining districts of Teignbridge, West Dorset, and Mid-Devon, as well as on Dartmoor and Exmoor, both of which are within easy reach.

The Group's Organisation

There is an informal committee of three to push things along, but the essential ethos of the group is self-help.  The hope is that each member will offer to lead a walk or, alternatively, to arrange a social activity of another sort, during the course of each 6 month programme.  In this way we aim to offer a full programme of walks and other activities for very little in the way of subscription.


Running costs are kept as low as possible, but the essential administration inevitably involves some  expenditure. 

Currently annual subscriptions are set at £5.00.

Interested in Joining?

While walking is very cheap as hobbies and pastimes go, a certain amount of kit and equipment is necessary, even essential.  Foremost is a decent pair of walking boots which, in view of the often uneven and boggy terrain our walks encounter, is an essential requirement.  These need to have good treads and should preferably be waterproof.  Anyone wishing to hook up with us should invest in a pair first.

In addition a waterproof walking jacket is frequently necessary, given our wet climate, and perhaps then an investment in waterproof overtrousers.  The other very useful accessory is a walking pole.  Most who overcome their initial scepticism find one to be invaluable.   As a "third leg" a pole gives welcome stability when traversing steep or broken ground, or in negotiating marshy areas, and most users would not now wish to walk without one.   Apart from a daysac, which for our walks is usually less necessary, one is now virtually fully kitted out. 

If you fancy giving us a try, the contact details are on our Contact Us page


Bowerman's Nose - courtesy of Mike Hayward  

Real-time Rainfall Radar Plot 

(European Time)

If you are wondering if the weather will be kind for a walk later today, take a look at this site:
It gives a radar plot of cloud formations over the UK, updated every 15 minutes.   By looping through the previous 3 or 6 hours' plots you can often get a feel as to whether it will be wet where you are going to be walking  a few hours' hence   

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